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Annual Governance Statement

Annual Governance Statement 


The Governing Body at Bill Quay Primary School prides itself on its accessibility and committed relationship with the pupils, staff and children in School. We take an active role within the school where we support, advise and challenge the school when necessary.

The Governing Body

As a Governing Body we have made strategic decisions within the last 3 years that have impacted upon the school.

• We have made a strategic decision about the ARMS provision and its decommissioning within the school. This involved extra meetings with council representatives, union representatives, staff and parents and a review of current staffing structure is planned in line with financial situation of school.

• We have carried out a key skills audit ensuring that the people most suited to the roles within the Finance and Staffing committee and Pupils and Curriculum were members ensuring the effectiveness of these committees. We also appointed Chairs for both these committees to assist the Chair of the full Governing Body.

• Governing monitoring, involvement and feedback is ongoing to ensure standards are being met within the school

• Rigour in financial management is monitored within the finance committee with the guidance of the Budget Officer. This ensures value for money with the allocated budget given.

• In partnership with the school, governors support and monitor the new curriculum and its implications.

Terms of Reference

Below are the terms of reference that the Governing Body uses as a guide to effectively to discharge their duties.

Full Governing Body

To determine the strategic direction of the school

To monitor and evaluate the performance of the school by receiving reports from the head teacher.

To agree constitutional matters, including procedures (Standing Orders) where the governing body has discretion

To consider whether or not to exercise delegation of functions to individuals or committees

To agree committees terms of reference and membership

To receive reports and ratify recommendations from committees/individual governors

To consider business provided by the LA and other sources

To investigate financial irregularities (head suspected)

To agree selection panel for head teacher and deputy head appointments and ratify the appointment

To suspend or end suspension of head teacher

To draw up the instrument of government and amendments thereafter

To elect or remove the chair and vice chair

To appoint/dismiss the clerk

To hold at least 3 governing body meetings a year

To set up a register of governors’ business interests and complete an annual return

To recruit/appoint new governors

To appoint the chair of any committee (if not delegated to the committee itself)

To suspend a governor

To manage the budget and consider proposed revisions

To approve the school development plan

· To decide whether to delegate power to spend the delegated budget to the head teacher and if so establish financial limits of delegated authority

· To approve the first formal budget plan of the financial year

· To approve the Statement of Internal Control

· To ensure statutory policies are in place and there is an effective policy review cycle

· To review and agree the Governor Code of Conduct



Finance and Staffing Committee


To manage and decide how to spend the delegated budget/income.

To consider at least three budget monitoring reports each year

To draft the first formal budget plan of the financial year

To establish and maintain a three year financial plan

To consider and agree SLA's and contracts and to monitor the effectiveness of services in consultation with appropriate committees

To manage tendering processes and the awarding of contracts

To implement pay policies

To consider early retirement requests (with the exception of the head and deputy)

To consider requests for disposal of obsolete stock

To establish and review ordering and payments systems

To consider use and impact of Pupil Premium & PE Sports Grant

To consider termly budget position statements including approving virements and to report anomalies to the full governing body

To respond to audit reports and monitor progress of any actions

To ensure the school meets SFVS

To annually consider whether to spend a proportion of the delegated budget on the provision of community facilities

To ensure that the school operates within the Financial Regulations of Gateshead Council

To monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds (School Fund) kept on behalf of the governing body and appoint auditors

To make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees

To investigate irregularities (other than the head suspected)

To consider future pupil rolls and income levels

To approve the budget management policy

To annually review benchmarking data

To regularly complete governor competencies audit

To review the Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme

To review staffing structures

To review salary for deputy head teacher

To review Charging and Lettings Policy

To determine lettings charges for other users of the school buildings and grounds

To review the Pay Policy

To annually review staff salaries

To establish and review a Governor Allowance Policy

To attend training were appropriate

Additional items which individual governing bodies may wish to include


Disqualification – Any relevant person employed to work at the school other than as the head, when the subject for consideration is the pay or performance review of any person employed to work at the school



Curriculum & Pupils Committee


To ensure provision of free school meals to those pupils meeting criteria

To review home-school agreements/parental contracts

To discharge duties in respect of pupils with special needs by appointing a “responsible person”

To ensure the National Curriculum is taught to all pupils and to consider any disapplication

To ensure provision of RE in line with school’s curriculum

To review Pupil Premium/PE Sport Grant spending and impact (in consultation with F&S Committee)

To plan strategies to collect and consider pupil voice

To consider penalty notices

To consider and approve admission arrangements

To consider relevant SLAs and contracts

To assist in the development of, monitor and review the School Improvement Plan

To undertake the governing body self-review

To monitor and review pupil and school performance, and attendance and exclusion

To set attendance targets and monitor attendance/unauthorised absence data

To participate in school self-evaluation

To consider curriculum complaints

To consider Nursery admissions

To ensure safeguarding policies and procedures are adhered to

To ensure policies for CLA are in line with guidance

To ensure the school contributes to community cohesion

To review extended school provision in terms of pupil learning, resources and premises

To undertake an annual review of safeguarding

To ensure statutory information is published online

To review Behaviour, Exclusion and Discipline Policy

To review Homework Policy

To review Equalities Policy

To review RE Policy

To review Collective Worship Policy

To review SEND Policy

To review Gifted and Talented Pupils Policy

To review Sex and Relationships Education Policy

To review Community Cohesion Policy

To review Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

To review Use of Social Media and E Safety Policies

To review Child Protection Policy

To attend training as appropriate

Additional items which individual governing bodies may wish to include


Disqualification – None





As a governing body, we do look at attendance as this can impact on our effectiveness as a governing body. Also this is something that Ofsted would take into consideration. A governor is a voluntary role but to fulfil the role to its full potential, there must be a level of commitment.


Attendance for the past year for the full governing body has been 90%


The attendance for the committees for the past year -


Finance Committee 86%


Pupils and Curriculum Committee 83%


Health and Safety Committee 75%





The Governing Body comprises of


Mrs Lisa Evans (Chair) (Co-opted)

Mrs Angela Topping (Vice Chair) (Parent Governor)

Mr Andrew McAdam (Co-opted)

Councillor Anne Wheeler (Local Authority)

Ms Rebecca Webb (Staff Governor)

Mrs Lesley Burrell (Co-opted Staff Governor)

Mrs Jane Kitson (Co-opted Staff Governor)

Mrs Katrina Clayton (Co-opted)

Dr Robin Stanaway (Co-opted)

Mrs T Hilton (Head Teacher)

Mr Jon Ward (Co-opted)

Mr David King (Parent Governor)