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Year 1 have been learning all about Christianity. Here, they have been exploring different items related to Key events and places of worship. During this exploration, they asked lots of inquisitive questions such as: "Do priests work in a Church?" and "Who is the metal man on the cross?" Year 1 will enjoy learning the answers to these questions as the year goes on!


In their first RE topic this term, Year 2 have been focusing on kindness, and exploring the subject through the teachings of Jesus in the Bible. At the end of the topic, they created some role plays to show ways in which they could all be kinder to each other. This one shows a group using British Sign Language to say 'thank-you' when someone shows kindness by holding the door open for them.


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Year 3 have been learning about Sikhism. The question for this term has been: "Does joining the Khalsa make a person a better Sikh?" 

Looking at the 5 K's, we learned that people who dedicate themselves to The Guru wear an assortment of symbolic physical symbols.


In their second RE topic, Year 3 pupils have been exploring the question "Has Christmas lost its meaning?" In their final lesson, they were asked to think about what Christmas gift they would give the world if they could this year. Here are some of their responses:

Year 4 have been learning about the story of Siddhartha and how he became "The Enlightened One" which means Buddha. In class, we have been writing up the story of Siddhartha by creating cartoon strips to remember it.

This term, Year 5 have been learning all about Hinduism and how people of this faith show commitment to God. Towards the end of our topic, we inquisitively asked questions about some items relating to the Hindu religion. 
Year 6 have been studying the theme of 'Commitment', and have been exploring how Muslims show commitment to their faith. As part of the topic, they looked at some religious objects which were important to Muslims, and considered what questions they might have as a result:
We've got some new face at Bill Quay this year knows as "The inquisitive Owls". Any questions that we have will be presented to our own owl to encourage open-minded thinking. 

Our special Christmas assembly: 19.12.19, Led by Rev Katie Jamie

Reception enjoyed looking at the Christianity artefacts.

Diwali in Reception