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Autumn Term

Year 2 art inspired by Antoni Gaudi

Year 6 art inspired by David Hockney

Year 1


We focused on the primary colours and were inspired by work from the artists Jasper Johns and Beatriz Milhazes. 


Year 2 have been exploring colour. We have focused on work by artists Wassily Kandinsky and Georgia O’Keefe

Year 6 have studied some famous sculpting and then created faces which show emotion.

Year 6 have also studied Paul Cezanne's use of colour in his Still Life paintings and then planned and produced their own Still Life pictures, refining their ideas and mixing their own colours.

Year 5 have been using mod-rock to create our own Comedy and Tragedy masks

Year 4's work was inspired by Kara Walker.
 Year 5's work was inspired by Jim Edwards.
 Year 3's work was inspired by Frida Kahlo.