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What goes on in Year 5?

In Year 5, we have been doing English and our topic is on a book called the Street Child. The book is about a homeless boy and a man who pulls him off the street and gives him nice clothes and food. In Maths, our topic is numbers to 10,000 and we sometimes use counters because they help us to see the place value visually. In science, our topic is forces and we are investigating .

We run a mile every day which is fun!


By Callum  (Y5)

What is happening in Year 5?



In Year 5, we have been learning about different topics. In Science, we are studying  forces and we have just started learning about how  long a parachute takes to land. In Maths, we have been rounding to 1,000 by using different methods . In English, we have been reading  a book called The Street Child and its all about a boy from the Victorian times. 


By Olivia (Y5)

Street Child
In English, we are learning about the Street Child and his name is Jim. Jim bought a pie with the last shilling out of the mum’s purse when his mum had to pay the rent. Mr Spink got angry and told them to leave the house!


Connor (Y5)

Christmas at Bill Quay

At Bill Quay, everybody is busy putting pictures of elves and snowmen on doors. There is a lot of excitement in school because of Christmas. Today the Christmas tree was delivered to the office ready to be put up and decorated. Chief elf is on our door it is cool and amazing. Year 6 have got a reindeer with footballs and a football goal on their door ready for Prancer’s penalty shootout. Everyone is practising Christmas carols


BY Connor

Anti-Bullying Week

In Anti-Bullying-Week we learned that the most bullying is from Online Bullying. It is from phones mostly and computers. More than 50% of Bullying is online. If you get bullied, the best thing to do is block the person and report them so they can’t message you. You could also not respond and put your social media on the private setting.


By Callum

Christmas Preparations

In Bill Quay, teachers have been making lots of different Christmas decorations such as decorations for our class room doors and Christmas preparations. Year 5 has a wonderful chief elf on their door and all of the doors look amazing but year 5 door is my favourite .Also , the office have been ordering the Christmas tree and it has delivered and is now ready to be decorated to look pretty .Key stage 2 are practising for Bill Quay carol service for the adults and we hope they all enjoy our singing.


By Olivia