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A review of the first few weeks...


Year 6 have started the year with great enthusiasm! They are all working extremely hard and the standard of homework tasks produced has been phenomenal! I am looking forward to an exciting year with each and every one of them; we will achieve fantastic things together!

Mrs Charlton :)

Basketball Coaching

Since coming back in September, the Basketball Coach is my favourite part of the week! I like it because we learn how to pass and shoot and this makes us better at basketball! 

Olly :)

That History Bloke

On Friday 7th September, Mr Stevenson came into school. He told us all about gas masks used in WW2 and my favourite bit was when we had to look around at all of the artefacts! 

Keely x

Professor Brainstorm

We had an excellent time at Hebburn watching Professor Brainstorm. He showed us how to use liquid nitrogen; he used a banana as a hammer after he froze it with the liquid nitrogen! It was amazing!

Oscar :)



When we went to the Tyneside Pop Up Theatre, it was fun! My favourite part was learning how to make real films!


Chloe Y6

Anti-Bullying Week


During Anti-Bullying week, we worked with Mark from Konflux. He helped us to make a Play in a Day which we then showed the parents. It was fun because we were acting out things that might happen and everyone joined in!


Neve :) 

Anti Bullying Week


As part of Anti Bullying week, we made videos in groups about Cyber Bullying. I thought it was really good because we worked together to give a message to people that we shouldn't bully. 



Technology Tom

When Technology Tom came to visit, we made World War Two Robot tanks which actually moved. We also looked at how messages were sent through Morse Code during the war. My favourite part was when we had tank wars at the end!