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Today we made gingerbread men, hearts & bunnies!

Today we learnt how to make cheese scones.

We enjoyed making our own pizza's.......then eating the left-over's!

Choc-Chip Muffins - We weighed out all of our ingredients then mixed them together to make our muffins.

Reception class loved their first session at Cookery Club. They learnt the safe way to cut fruit for their fruit kebabs.

For our last session of this term we made chocolate chip cookies.

Maids of Honour - Half of us made the cake mix & the other half made the pastry. We then added jam or cooked apple in the middle. This was the first time we had tried these cakes.

We made fantastic pizza's today!

We weighed out all of our ingredients and baked yummy chocolate brownies.

We chose to make two different types of muffins.

We made ourselves 1 giant brownie ready to be cut up at home.

We made healthy oat biscuits today.

26.1.16 We all had great fun choosing & tasting! our topping's for our pizza!

Making Muffins! - Raspberry / chocolate 18.1.16