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We listened to the rhyme The Queen of Hearts then made up our own rhyme. This afternoon we made our own jam tarts.

We made some great mini beasts out of clay.

We made yummy chocolate nests this morning. We may have sampled a few....... They were delicious!

After learning about lots of vegetables we made the most delicious vegetable soup. Everyone ate some and lots of us came back for more!

Everyone thought the pancakes were delicious!

After looking at different animal footprints yesterday, we made clay animals this afternoon.

We are really enjoying making our Christmas crafts.

We talked about why we wear a poppy and the people we remember. We made our own giant poppy.

We listened to a Fireman Sam story and learnt how to stay safe around fireworks. We then made a fabulous chalk firework picture.

We learnt about the story of Diwali & made a lovely Indian plate.

We made Spooky Spider Cakes!

We learnt how to make jelly today!

After reading The Little Red Hen we made our own bread.