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26.5.16 We said goodbye to Summer & Star today. They are going to live at Bill Quay Farm, so we can go and visit them whenever we want to.

Summer & Star have grown so much that we will have to take them to live at the farm this week.

Summer & Star are getting their new feathers.

Summer & Star are growing very quickly. We will be taking them to Bill Quay Farm this week where they will live.

Summer & Star love to run around our classroom. We all had a hold of our chic's before putting them back in their cage.

We came in to find two little girl chicks today! We voted as a class and decided to call them Summer & Star.

Some of our egg's are starting to hatch!

As part of our topic on learning how things grow, we welcomed our new creatures today. We have 6 Cream Legbar eggs & 6 Scots Grey eggs. We have to keep the eggs nice and warm in the incubator.