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Muddy Monday fun. We had great fun looking for 2D and 3D shapes in the garden.

We had a great time during Muddy Monday. We carried out our own colour treasure hunt!!

Muddy Monday became Muddy Tuesday today due to the awful weather! This week we are learning about shapes so we made houses using natural materials!

We tried really hard to learn to ride our bikes during our stabiliser free session today!

On Friday, linked to our topic of Ourselves, Jude's baby sister, Jessie came to visit!

Reception class had great fun raising money for cancer charities on Funky Hair Day!

Sophie won the prize for funkiest hair. Olly presented the prize and we raised over £70.

We had a great time at our Harvest stay and play session!

On Muddy Monday we had a great time collecting the objects the witch lost while flying her broom in the Room on the Broom story!

Raj told us all about how his family celebrate Diwali and we made our own Diwali lamps.

Witch and Wizard Day with Pre-school! It was great fun!

Reception loved Little Dribblers with Coach Chris!

For Muddy Monday we made our own bird feeders! It was very messy! We hung them in the garden and will wait and see if the birds like them!

For Muddy Monday we read the story of The Jolly Postman and then followed the clues to deliver the letters in the garden

Children in Need 2017, Pyjama Day!!

Coach Chris had us working so hard in our warm up today!

It was a very cold Muddy Monday today! Linked to our Senses work we carried out a listening walk and we heard lots of different sounds including a lawn mower and an aeroplane!

Fun at Little Kickers!!!

Today we celebrated Rory the rabbits birthday! Some of us made him cards

On Muddy Monday we heard the Nativity story and then followed our own star trail. Each star gave us different instructions to follow!

During Muddy Monday we noticed Eric the Elf had disappeared! We followed the elf arrows and when we found him hiding in the garden he had a special treat for us, gold chocolate coins for everyone!

We had great fun in our final Little Kickers session. After Christmad we are going to take part in Little Rugby!

Reception Christmas Party 2017! We had a great time!

We had a great Elf Day in Reception

We had great fun carrying out our own Gruffalo Trail!

We loved our first Little Rugby session

During Muddy Monday we read the story of The Mixed up Chameleon and we hunted for chameleons that were camouflaged in the garden

Our second Little Rugby session. Coach Chris showed us how to throw and catch the ball.

During Muddy Monday we read the story After the Storm, during the storm the animals lost their home. We made a nest for a bird.

During Muddy Monday we had to find the red words scattered in the garden and read them. we did super reading!

Muddy Monday was a little too muddy today. We decided to have an indoor session. Thanks to Charli and her Mammy we planted our own peas, spinach and cress. We are going to measure them each week and see who is the Star Grower!

Our last Little Rugby session with Coach Chris was great fun!

Reception loved making Chinese food to celebrate New Year!

Reception had great fun on the soft play in PE

We have been learning about animal tracks. During Muddy Monday we made our own in the mud!

World Book Day! We heard the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then this happened.........

During Muddy Monday we read the story of Oliver's Vegetables. Tomorrow we are making vegetable soup. When we looked at our list of ingredients we noticed the carrots were missing. We carried out a carrot hunt!

We warmed up and ran round the yard for Sports Relief!

During Muddy Monday we had a chick hunt. The chicks had laid a chocolate egg for each of us!

Thank you to all parents/careers who came to our Easter Stay Play. We hope you enjoyed the arts and crafts and our singing.

This week we are sorting and naming 3D shapes. In the garden we hunted for shapes and sorted them. We looked for examples of 3D shapes in our environment!

We are having an exciting time in Reception. This week we welcomed caterpillars and frog spawn!

We had a great time hunting for mini beasts during Muddy Monday. We found slugs, snails, woodlice and a millipede.

We welcomed our first butterfly in class today!

The Royal Wedding! We started off our celebrations with a game of croquet!

The next part of our wedding celebrations was a tennis game where we travelled past London landmarks and delivered the cake ingredients.

Fun at the fair!

The wedding party! Thanks to Miss Webb for organising the day and to all our volunteers!

During Muddy Monday we read the story of Superworm and looked for worms in the garden. Imogen found 2. Alfie found a millipede. Jude found the evil crow from the story's feather.

During Muddy Monday we read the story of Little Lumpty. When we went into the garden something awful had happened..... Humpty had fallen off the wall and he was scattered all over the garden in pieces. Our job was to find the pieces and put him back together!

Today we took part in a World Cup themed music workshop.

We had a super Sports Day. Thanks for all your support and thanks to the PTA for serving the tea and coffee.