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Freddy the Elf

Look at Freddy!

Freddy has been playing with our cars last night.

Freddy covered our board this morning!

Freddy has been reading stories to his friends.

Freddy likes taking his pet pig for a walk.

Freddy walked up our board on his stilts!

Freddy must like spicy noodles!

Freddy loves Elliot's ship.

Freddy seemed to have had fun in our sand pit yesterday! He also left us some lovely twinkly playdough :)

Freddy the Elf didn't like how our class frog is also called Freddy, so he tied him up!

When we arrived in school today we found out that Freddy the Elf had arrived! We read his letter from Santa and we were amazed that the 'Giant Diamond Santa Camera' transmitted straight back to Santa himself! Freddy made it really tricky to get in and out of our classroom, and at snack time he made our bananas look very strange!