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Languages at Bill Quay Primary School.


Studying a modern foreign language is not only a requirement of the National Curriculum, it’s also fun! The language part of the brain is stimulated each time we speak, and so learning another language is not only good for us in terms of travel, knowledge and experience, it helps our brain to function more fully. At Bill Quay Primary School, we study French in Key Stage 2, and each class studies one French unit each term, during which pupils have the opportunity to speak, read, write and listen to the language. They also learn about the culture of France throughout their studies, including France’s music, history and geography, as well as some of her key cities and sites. Key Stage 1 pupils are introduced to some basic elements of the language during our ‘French Fridays’ when everyone in the school speaks some key French words throughout the day. We take the opportunity to use songs and rhymes to help with the learning of French whenever possible, and try to create a fun and supportive environment within the classroom to encourage everyone to have the confidence to speak.

French Fridays Resources