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It is our aim that all pupils at Bill Quay Primary School will become proficient in mathematics, achieving confidence and competence so that they develop the maths skills needed for the future. We believe all pupils are capable of achieving high standards in maths and strive to ensure that they:

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of maths, such as being able to rapidly recall number bonds and times table facts
  • Can apply this knowledge rapidly to solve problems, persevering in more complex tasks
  • Can reason mathematically, making connections, recognising patterns and generalising
  • Can communicate mathematics using appropriate language.


Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum. We use the White Rose framework and the Big Maths scheme to implement the statutory requirements outlined in the National Curriculum Programme of Study.


Our maths curriculum is based on the mastery principles of the ‘five big ideas’. These are variation, fluency, mathematical thinking, representation and structure, and making connections. The White Rose framework has been mapped out across all year groups in a sequence of ‘blocks’ or topics. Within each block are small steps sequenced in order of difficulty so that each builds on the previous step. These blocks of learning have been organised in such a way, recognising that some topics need to be learned before others.  We ensure that key objectives are met many times over throughout the year via basic skills lessons, within other topics and as ‘starters’ for whole class lessons.

In all year groups, there is an expectation that the majority of pupils will progress through the curriculum at the same pace as each other. Problem solving and reasoning tasks will provide challenge to pupils and allow those who quickly grasp the maths to investigate in greater depth. Teachers will use a range of assessment techniques to identify those pupils with misconceptions or gaps in their learning and may provide intervention in a number of ways:

  • Through individual support on the same day
  • Through the use of extra resources
  • In review lessons or as part of basic skills lessons.
  • Removing barriers, such as providing resources so that pupils can access a lesson.
  • Additional out-of- class support.


Two maths lessons are taught each day:

  • One 15-20 minute ‘basic skills’ lesson. Within this lesson, teachers will focus on rapid recall of number facts, mental maths strategies using the Big Maths scheme and   reinforcing and consolidating learning already taught. Teachers may also focus on pre-teaching specific content in readiness for a forthcoming lesson.
  • One 45 minute lesson incorporating the White Rose scheme.


We subscribe to Mathletics, an online maths programme which pupils use both in school and at home to support their learning. Certificates of achievement are presented every Friday in our Achievement Assembly. We also use Times Tables Rockstars to support pupils in learning their times tables facts.


Further information about our maths curriculum can be found below:

  • Maths policy
  • Long term planning for maths
  • Progression Document –Reception Class
  • White Rose Progression document- Years 1-6
  • White Rose Calculation Policy-Addition and Subtraction
  • White Rose Calculation Policy-Multiplication and Division