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Muddy Monday

26.6.17 We watched the story of Hansel and Gretel then we used things that we found in our garden to make a trail for our friend to follow. Ryan also found a family of woodlice!

19.6.17 For Muddy Monday this week we listened to the story of The 3 Little Pigs. We then collected materials from our garden to make a little house. We wanted to see if it would blow over using a paper fan.

12.6.17 We read the story about Little Lumpty then went outside for Muddy Monday. We searched for pieces of Humpty Dumpty then stuck them back together again in the classroom.

22.5.17 We read Superworm then looked for mini beats in the garden.

17.5.17 We read about a busy spider today then went outside to hunt for spiders & web's for Muddy Monday.

9.5.17 For Muddy Monday this week we went looking for woodlice. When we found them we did an experiment to see if they liked to live in the dark or the light........they love the dark

3.4.17 For Muddy Monday this week we had an egg & chick hunt and invited Pre-School along.

For Muddy Monday we read Oliver's Vegetables then talked about which vegetables we needed to make our soup. We found out that Rory had taken all our carrots and hid them in the garden! He left us clues on how to find them.

13.3.17 A Boglin turned up in Reception Class! The letter that came with him told us all the things he needed to stay safe and happy. We made suitable homes for him in our garden

6.3.17 For Muddy Monday this week we went looking for worms for the school wormery. They were very hard to find. Billy found a shell that a snail had left behind and Elizabeth found a baby worm that she named Mrs Rutherford!

13.2.17 For Muddy Monday this week we listened to the story of Hansel & Gretel then followed our own trails and found some sweets!

For Muddy Monday this week we looked at lots of different sorts of; chicken; pig; cat; elephant; otter and of course human! We then got rather messy making our own footprints in the garden.

30.1.17 For Muddy Monday we focused on speaking, listening & understanding.We hid different animals in the garden then gave clues on how to find them.

23.1.17 For Muddy Monday this week we read the Ravenous Beast then made our own mud monsters!

16.1.17 This week we made bird feeders and put them in our garden.

9.1.17 For Muddy Monday we read a book about a chameleon and looked at how it changed colour. We then searched our garden for hidden chameleon's!

28.11.16 For Muddy Monday this week we did a number trail. When we found all the numbers we worked as a team to put them in the correct order. We then found the right number of leaves for each number tile.

14.11.16 Today for Muddy Monday we collected lots of things from our garden to make a collage.

8.11.16 We are learning about all of our senses. We used them in the garden to see what we could see, hear, smell, touch but not taste!

31.10.16 We collected ingredients for our magic spell to turn Mrs Rutherford into an octopus!

10.10.16 We made lovely bracelets in the garden today.

3.10.16 This week for Muddy Monday we looked at different textures in our garden. We made lovely colourful rubbings.

26.9.16 We collected things from the garden and made pictures in frames.

19.9.16 We all had fun foraging for different coloured things in our garden