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Muddy Monday

27.6.16 We watched the story of Hansel & Gretel then made our own trails.

16.5.16 Audrey from Marian Drive rang us to tell us she had lots of tadpoles in her back garden for us. We released them into our pond this afternoon.

8.5.16 We found lots of mini-beast's and looked at them through the magnifying glass.

29.2.16 Reception made rubbings in the garden.

22.2.16 As part of our 'Growing Things' topic, we collected things that grow & made decorations.

1.2.16 Reception Class went on a wild animal hunt & described animals for their friends to find.

Reception Class made footprints in the mud. They then used their magnifying glasses to look for animal footprints. Daisy & Evie found some prints under the elephant sculpture.

We talked about how it is difficult for the birds to find worms in the hard ground at winter time. Therefore we made some lovely snacks to hang on the tree for them. We used grapes & cereal. We will go back next week to see if they have eaten any of them.

We have been reading The Mixed Up Chameleon. We know chameleons can camouflage themselves. We then looked for the chameleons that had camouflaged themselves in our garden.

We came across lots of different colours in our garden on our Colour Walk.

We really enjoyed our Senses Walk.