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Music at Bill Quay Primary School.


At Bill Quay Primary School, our music curriculum offers all pupils the opportunity to develop their understanding and appreciation of music both by listening and responding to a wide range of music, and by developing their own musical skills in singing and performing.

Pupils have the opportunity to listen to live and recorded music not only in their music lessons, but also in Assemblies, where they listen to a range of recorded music across different styles, periods and genres and also sometimes experience performances by fellow pupils. Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils sing each week in Assembly and have a whole school singing session on a Thursday, led by a qualified musician, as well as focused sessions for performances at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. In Key Stage 2, some cross-curricular singing also takes place in French lessons. Each class in KS1 and KS2 also has the opportunity to perform a musical show at some point in the school year.

Pupils may also choose to develop their musical skills by signing up for private instrumental lessons: currently we offer private guitar and piano tuition at school. We also offer opportunities to sing in the choir as part of our extra-curricular programme.

Christmas Roadshow led by Gateshead Music Hub: 19.12.19


Guitarists 1
Guitarists 2
Guitarists 3
Guitarists 4
Guitarists 5
Guitarists 6
Guitarists 7

Our guitarists looked a little bit different for Children in Need!

Listen to how they sound as they practise for our Coffee and Carols afternoon ....


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Year 6 Music: Composing a piece of music based on abstract art by Jackson Pollock

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Each group had a piece of art to look at as a stimulus, and decided how to compose based on the artwork. The instruments reflected the colours, patterns and effects used by the artist.


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Year 3 Music: playing polyrhythms in the style of Aboriginal Music

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Year 3 Composing: Using Ostinato in the style of Aboriginal Music

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Our School Choir.

Our School Choir. 1
Our School Choir. 2
Our School Choir. 3
We sang some Christmas carols and songs in Old Eldon Square to help to raise money for the Roy Castle Foundation. We had a great time even though we did get a bit wet and had to take cover inside the gazebo once or twice! Huge thanks to our grown-ups who came along to support us and who didn't get to shelter in the gazebo with us!