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Meet Princess Elizabeth of Reception class! She made her royal outfit herself!!

In PE Reception Class practised their gymnastics. They were really good at helping each other move across the tricky balance beam!

Look at Ryan's amazing model!

How creative is Luke? Today he built this dragon in the construction area

Today's creation by Elizabeth is a shopping basket!

Sam made a super pirate ship!

Elizabeth made a super money box in our cut and stick area!!

Look at Billy's food machine that he made in our cut and stick area!

Billy made a super bird in Cut and Stick

Henry and Eve got married in the holidays!

Taylor loves looking after his new baby goat Raincloud.

How fabulous is Eva's hat!

Eve found a speech bubble crisp!

Calvin was really happy to introduce us to his new family member Gino!

We were so lucky this morning and got to meet Ella's new family member......Buddy!

Rosie's stick insect Dimitri's eggs have started to hatch! 3 so far.

Henry and Eve put Rory in jail!

Luke made a fab rocket with Kevin. Squirtle loves riding in it

Elliot made an amazing plane!

Eva is really looking forward to wearing her karate suit!

We had a great day at our Stabiliser Free session last week. Thank you to all our helpers.

Rosie and Eve had great fun in McDonalds yesterday afternoon. They didn't have any glue or tape with them so they left their model behind for everyone to see.

Joe was so kind at the weekend and made Mrs bone and Mrs Rutherford some lovely biscuits!

After learning about footprints this week Ella made us all some footprint biscuits. Thank you Ella!

Katie made Mrs Rutherford & Mrs Bone a beautifully decorated box.

Thank you for the fabulous card Ella!.....brilliant writing!

A very big thank you to Leanne Brown for her donation of two brand new fancy dress outfits. It is greatly appreciated.

Guess who came to school and brought us all a present!

Pre-play pic! Merry Christmas from Reception Class!

We love toy day!

Eva brought a very twinkly giant carrot in for Rory.

Joe brought in a carrot for Rory!

Elizabeth brought a tiny motorbike toy in for Rory.

Katie brought in a lovely gift for Rory.

Joe made a lovely pop up birthday card for Rory.

A big thank you to Eva's Grandma for making Rory a wonderful scarf for his birthday.

We love doing our Dough Disco every morning!

Elizabeth made a mask for Charlie to wear for Halloween in our cut & stick area.

Evie brought in some conkers to show the class. We talked about why they had spikes.