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Christmas Music Workshop.

Eva was so happy to get her green belt in karate.

Well done Ryan on moving up a level in your swimming class.

We had a fab Christmas party!

Year 1 had a very special visitor today ............

There seems to have been some sort of disagreement between Freddy and the Smurf’s 😊

Well done Evie on being awarded your next gymnastics badge.

Daniel told us about his Evil Eye and how it protects him.

Billy posing for his portrait off Lizzy 😊

Lizzy posing for Billy to draw her portrait.

Having fun Freddy?! 😂

Sleepy Freddy loves to read.

Freddy Time!

Freddy is bananas!

Space Elf ☺️

Traffic jam in Year 1! 😂

We read Kevin and Katie's Christmas book and cuddled Ella's lovely soft toys.

Naughty Freddy!!!!

Freddy the Elf made elf sized cupcakes for us!

Freddy's back!!