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Cleaning water: In Geography, we have been attempting to recreate the water cleaning process

Gymnastics: We have been working hard on our partner balances in Gymnastics.

The Music of Italy: Playing the Theme from Vivaldi's 'Spring' using tuned instruments

Spring Term Art: Industrial Art, with a focus on Lowry, A. Gormley and the Angel of the North, and using line and perpsective

Year 4 pupils have been working hard both at home and online to investigate different types of Art linked to industrial cities, and then to sketch their own versions of each piece we've focused on. 

Year 4 took part in a virtual Anglo Saxon workshop

In History, we worked with 'That History Bloke' to explore Roman Life.

Our music lessons are focusing on music from Germany and Scandinavia. Here we are learning to play the theme from Grieg's 'Morning' on the glockenspiel.


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Year 4 listened to Wagner's 'Dance of the Valkyries' and examined how he used a 'musical slide' in the piece. They then worked in groups to compose a short piece using a musical slide on the guitar and glockenspiel, and then added in a repeated rhythm (ostinato) and a simple melody using some tuned hand bells. Listen to some of their creations!


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In French, we've revised how to make introductions - listen to part of our song, 'On dit bonjour'!

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