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Our Learning

Reception class have worked very hard this term.

Reception class enjoyed a visit from Kate Jamie, vicar at St Mary's Church, Heworth.

The children had lots of fun at their Xmas party!

Well done to Libby and Anna who completed the Junior Great North Run!

We love to write in Reception. Emily, Holly and Annabelle have written letters to their family.

Joshua is an expert model maker.

Ayda loves to paint. She painted a super rainbow and she noticed when she was painting the red and blue mixed to make purple!

In our number area Matthew measured to see who was the tallest.

Even Spiderman enjoys seeing which things float and sink in our outdoor area.

Lots of customers visited our shop today.

Our first full day in Reception! Noisy but so much fun!!

Witch and wizard day with pre-school was fun!

Our first Little Kickers session was fun!

We enjoyed our first Little Rugby session this week

Our star achievers this week.

To celebrate Chinese New Year we prepared and tasted our own chinese food.

In Little Rugby today we played an aeroplane game to warm up and pracrised throwing the ball in teams.

Annabelle is achiever of the week for wonderful addition work.

We read the story of The Mixed up Chameleon and in Muddy Monday hunted for chameleons camouflaged in our garden.

We read Handas Surprise and tasted the fruit from the story.

Our star achiever this week is Elsie for great reading and writing.

We are great at throwing and catching in Little Rugby

We are super at throwing and catching in Little Rugby!

Well done Amber, 2nd and 3rd in her dance competition!

Our first Little Mover session. Well done to Robert who was our Dancer of thr day.

Pancake Day! We read the story of Mr Wolf's Panckes and made our own! Yummy!

Our star achiever for brilliant maths. Well done, Ayda!

Muddy Monday-hunting for caterpillars!

More Little Movers fun!

Who can believe Rory sneaked out of Hugh's bag and crept into the garden to eat the carrots we needed for our soup making?

Little Movers fun!

Dancer of the day!

After reading 'Oliver's Vegetables' we ate some home made vegetable soup!