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Our Learning


In Autumn term 1, we learned about place value which aided us in our column addition and subtraction. More recently(Autumn 2) we have learned about perimeter. We have looked at different shapes - specifically rectangles - and how we can efficiently work out the perimeter using multiplication and doubling. 


In Autumn term 2, we began our topic of 'Life in a freezer' with some poetry. We looked at a poem called 'Winter Wrath' and analysed the detail and structure of it. From here, we created our own poems about the beauty of winter. Our objective was to create verses that rhymed. 


In Autumn 1, we harnessed our ball skills. Specifically, we looked at a variety of different sports including football, tennis and rugby. Now, we have the NUFC coach to teach us how to play football and improve our basic foot coordination. 


In Autumn term 1, we spent three weeks learning about computer programming. Specifically, we learned how to program a Lego robot with our computers, navigating around different courses and interacting with different areas around the school. We worked independently to debug algorithms which were problematic and worked as a team to get our robots to work together