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PE Spring Term

We've really enjoyed our cricket and basketball coaching sessions this term.

RE Spring Term

In RE this term we have been learning all about the Easter Story.  We thought about how we would welcome someone special to our school and compared this to how Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem in what we now know as Palm Sunday.

Draw with Rob

Year 1's Christmas Celebrations

In Maths this week we have been learning how to use a number line and practised placing numicon frames on a blank number line to help us become familiar with the position of numbers on the line.  We have also started to learn about the part-whole model and enjoyed making parts from a variety of resources. 

Anti-bullying week

As part of Anti-bullying week, we all came to school wearing odd socks on Monday 16th November to celebrate what makes us unique! 
Children learnt about mindfulness and body awareness. They began to learn different yoga poses and techniques that helped them to connect their mind and body. Each lesson helped build strength, flexibility and balance.

Witch and Wizard Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating Witch and Wizard Day. We made pumpkin pictures, played spooky bingo, went on a Halloween scavenger hunt around school and fished in a cauldron of eyeballs to find sounds to make words amongst lots of other fun things! 

The arrival of autumn

We had a lovely time exploring the school garden to mark the start of autumn on 22nd September.  We noticed that a lot of the trees had already lost their leaves and there were piles of dark brown, crunchy leaves in the hedgerows.  Some of the leaves we observed were midway through changing from green to yellow, and we even saw some bright red leaves too.  A few of the bushes had berries on and these will help feed the birds over the cold months ahead.  As well as exploring the autumnal changes in the garden, we were also practising our observational drawing skills. We used hand lenses so that we could see the small, fine details on the leaves. 

Harvesting our produce

When we were in Reception class, we planted a variety of seeds in the school garden.  After the warm spring and summer, it was time to harvest our crops - we managed to successfully grow some carrots and potatoes, but unfortunately, the slugs got to the lettuces before we did! 


Settling in to our new class

Mrs Dye, Mrs Cutler and Mrs Clark are delighted with how well we have all settled in to being back at school and our new Year 1 class.  We love exploring the different areas and enjoy the challenges that our teachers set us in each area.