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Pupil Achievement

Well done Billy for being swimmer of the month!

Well done Rosie for your dancing awards!

Well done Matthew for getting your yellow belt in karate!

Well done Daniel for your karate trophy!

Well done Joe for getting your brown belt in karate!

Well done Ryan on moving up a level in your swimming class.

Daniel was very proud of the robot he made.

Well done Eve for passing stage 3 in swimming

Well done to Charlie, Lizzie and Matthew for taking part in their swimming gala

Joe is so proud of his purple belt and his artwork!

Congratulations to Eva on being awarded her yellow belt.

Congratulations to Ella for her gymnastics certificate.

Congratulations to Billy on receiving his football medal.

Rosie did really well at her dancing competition at the weekend.

Elliot is a super football player!

Well done to Ryan on completing the Great North Run!