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Pupil Achievements

Keeron was so proud of his swimming certificate.

Christopher turned Rory into a Super Hero!

William made a great shield to go with his Knight outfit.

JJ, Finn & Jack showed us their team trophies.

Evie & Ella used the scrap card to make a tent!

Well done to Jake for helping raise money with his karate club.

Ella & Evie made amazingly detailed pictures in the cut & stick area today.

Ella made an amazing castle at the weekend!

Nikita painted a lovely picture of what she saw in the garden today.

The boys worked together to make a fab model.

Well done to Reception Class who won the Big Pedal Competition! Their prize was a fun session of bike games in the yard today.

Well done to Finn for being awarded Man of The Match!

Ruby & Martha made a 'Mega Boat!'

Well done to JJ on being awarded his team's football trophy this week.

Kieron makes great sculptures.

Ella achieved her Level 2 award in gymnastics.

Ella worked hard to achieve her Level 5 gymnastics award.

Our Star Wall is covered in achievement stars for everyone in our class. We add new stars every day!

Sam made a Snappy Snake!

Ella wrote Rapunzel on the board all by herself!

Well done to Elliot on achieving his first swimming certificate!

Finn received his football trophy for being a great footballer & a great listener - well done Finn!

Nikita told us all about her swimming gala & what she needed to do to get a medal.

Layla was very proud of her first trampolining award.