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Religious Education


Religious Education will enable all children to explore religious beliefs and practises, some of which are located in the local community. Pupils will be encouraged to explore the fundamental questions of life raised by human experiences. Pupils will extend their thinking and analytical skills and their creative, imaginative and emotional development. Religious Education will foster mutual understanding between students of differing religious and cultural backgrounds. Pupils will be encouraged to develop a reflective approach to life in an atmosphere of openness, exploration and enquiry. Pupils will be encouraged to respect the differences and help in the promotion of a harmonious society.

Throughout the Key Stages children will progress through skills.  Focusing on 4 main areas:


  • Beliefs, Teachings and sources
  • Practices and Ways of life
  • Meaning, purpose and truth
  • Values and Commitments


Below, you will find curriculum maps for both key stages, as well as an overview detailing how we have mapped the skills and concepts across each year group.