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What reception have been up to...

Reception watched a story about why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday and made pancakes.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception. We did some chinese cooking and made chinese dragons, red money wallets and drums.

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about the most important festival in the Christian calendar - Easter. Easter is important to Christians because they celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. We hope that you enjoy our retelling of the Easter story.

We have been learning about Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem on what we now call Palm Sunday in Year 1.  We enjoyed using our stick puppets to retell the story. 

Year 2 pupils have been exploring how Jewish people show their love and respect for God, with a special focus on Passover.

Year 3

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Year 3 have been looking into who Jesus was and why he died on the cross. They have been looking into how Jesus's life impacted Christians today.

Year 4 have been working super hard, looking closely at bible passages.

Year 5 have been thinking about the concept of destiny and whether God had a plan for Jesus all along

Year 6 pupils have explored the Christian views on the question: 'Is anything ever eternal?' and have come up with some questions of their own, which we have discussed together.