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Summer Term

Year 3 Music: Learning to play the Penny Whistle

Year 3 pupils have begun learning to play the Penny Whistle this term, beginning with the notes B - A - G. They are also being introduced to the way western music is written on the stave, as well as exploring some graphic scores.

Year 5 Music: using the C Scale

Year 5 pupils have been building on last term's work exploring the C Scale, and have been using the notes of the scale to play simple tunes using traditional staff notation. They've been able to recognise the note lengths of crotchets, minims and quavers and play together in a small group - listen to one of their efforts: 

Playing using staff notation and the notes of the C Scale

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Year 5 Music: Playing by Ear

Using their knowledge of the C Scale, Year 5 pupils have worked together to play simple, well-known tunes by ear, using a range of notes from the C Scale. Can you recognise this tune?!

Playing by Ear

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Year 6 Music: Continuing to play the ukulele

Building on their ukulele lessons last year in Year 5, Year 6 pupils are continuing to play the ukulele, adding some new chords and more challenging pieces of music to their repertoire. They have also been trying to use different strumming patterns.