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A big thank you to Tina from the PDSA who came to tell us all we need to keep animals happy.

Sarah came in to show us how to cross the road safely.

We have had a fabulous afternoon saying hello to some wonderful creatures!

We had great fun watching Cinderella this morning.

We had a great time learning all about Poland with Henry's Dad. We even cooked some Polish food....... it was delicious!

We sang lots of songs and danced with Rev. Osman this afternoon.

We had a great time learning about PC Camsell's work. He helps lots of people and has a very exciting job!

A big thank you to Postman Dave for telling us all about his job.

We loved looking around the ambulance this morning. Some of us even got bandaged up!

We had great fun today hearing about how a Policeman helps us. Thanks for the visit Mr Wallace! Like Comment

Thank you to Gemma for telling us what it is like to be a Physiotherapist. She has a very important & interesting job and we are glad that we have people like that to help us.

We had such a lovely morning with Henry's Mum and Baby Bea! We learnt lots about babies. :)

Zoolab came to school to show us some fab creatures!