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Debra from NEXUS came in to tell us how to keep ourselves safe.

Susan & Pellam the dog came in to tell us all about being a Guide Dog. Susan told us how Pellam helped her get around & how he was her best friend.

Thank you to John for letting us look at ...and stroke!...his birds of prey.

Tina from the PDSA came in to tell us the 5 things we need to remember when we are looking after our pets.

Interactive Reptiles visited Reception Class yesterday. We got to learn all about different reptiles and even got to hold & feed them! Everyone was very brave.......even Mrs Rutherford!

Santa visited Reception Class & gave everyone a present!

Tanya & Adrian came to tell us about being a Paramedic. They even let us inside their ambulance and turn on their siren!

Our visitor taught us a Diwali dance - it was all about a wedding. We really enjoyed it.

We learnt how to cross the road safely.

Policewoman Visit - Martha's Mum came in and answered lots of questions about being in the Police Force.

Nurse Visit - Evie's Mum came in to tell us all about being a Nurse in the Accident & Emergency department.

Learning about how we grow - Nieve's Mum & Baby Sister came in to show the differences about being a baby & how we are now.

Policeman Visit - Two Policemen came in to tell us all about staying safe on Bonfire Night.