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Visits and Visitors

We enjoyed taking part in a bike ride from Newburn to Wylam and stopping off to have lunch, in the park!!!

Year 6 went to the Live Theatre on Newcastle's Quayside to take part in a creative writing workshop called 'Live Tales'. They came up with ideas for an original story and worked together to create a main character and setting. After writing the opening paragraph of their story together, they continued writing independently. Everyone at Live Theatre was so helpful, and there was even two illustrators, who created some fantastic drawings of their character to accompany the story!

Year 6 pupils enjoyed a fabulous day at the Nissan Factory in Sunderland this week where they learnt about Nissan and Japanese culture. They found out about Nissan’s Kaizen culture for continuous improvement, and designed their own car. They thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ‘lego’ production line and even managed to reduce their assembly time by working as a team. They had a tour of the training workshop, and then back to the classroom for some ‘noisy’ hands-on experience of using actual production parts and tools safely. At the end of the workshop, they took part in a traditional Japanese Daruma ceremony, where the eyes of a Daruma doll were coloured in to symbolise the end of a successful workshop, followed by a Tejime ceremony of synchronized hand clapping. Congratulations, to Amelia who won the logo design competition and had her winning design printed onto canvas, as a souvenir, to take home.

Year 6 worked really hard producing a play on the subject of Anti-bullying with Mark from Konflux Theatre, they also performed it in front of the school and parents.

Children had great fun making rockets today with Mr Mullholland then launching them in the big hall!!!

Mr Elliott visited our class today to talk about what it would be like to be a solider in WWII and to show us his families military medals.

We had a visit from the Anne Frank Foundation today to find out all about Anne Frank's Life.