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Visits and Visitors

Tudor Day!


We had a special visit from Paddy at Durham University. He came in to refresh our memory and teach us more exciting facts about The Tudors.


We started the day off as historical detectives. We looked at some Tudor relics Paddy had brought in from Durham University's museums and archives and discussed what they may have been used for.


After that, we learned about Tudor inventories and their writing style. We had a go at writing our own inventories using a quill and Tudor-style writing. It was very tricky!


To finish the day, we were lucky enough to try on some Tudor outfits Paddy had brought in for us. We dressed up as Kings and Queens and sketched portraits of each other in our new clothing.





Classifying living things at West Boldon Lodge!

Year 4 were superb scientists on our recent visit to West Boldon Lodge.


John, the leader, was really impressed with our scientific knowledge and the types of questions we asked to help further our understanding of living things and their habitats.


Whilst at West Boldon Lodge we studied living things and their habitats, classified and identified invertebrates and plants using classification keys, and asked super scientific questions to help us further develop our understanding in our science topic.


The children really enjoyed scavenging for invertebrates in the West Boldon Lodge woodlands. They used magnifying pots to safely capture their finds so that they could use a classification key to identify the living thing they had captured through it's visible characteristics. We found, classified and identified: lacewings, beetles, harvestmen, woodlice, caterpillars, millipedes, larvae, spiders, moths, snails, earthworms and many, many more living things. 


Here are some photographs of our super scientists at work! 


Our residential visit to Gibside!

Year 4 loved their two-day adventure to Gibside which was jam-packed with fun and challenging activities.


We had a fantastic time walking around and exploring the natural beauty of Gibside where the children participated in many adventurous activities to develop their confidence, social skills, independence and knowledge of the environment around them.


We enjoyed balancing on the low ropes, working as a team to read maps to navigate around Gibside to find clues, making camp fires, toasting and eating marshmallows over our camp fire, sharing a dormitory with our friends, singing, running, jumping, playing, and most of all… making memories that will last a lifetime!


Enjoy the small selection of photographs below.

For copies of photographs of your child please contact Miss Robinson.

Young Enterprise


Matilda, Adam, Chloe, Thomas, Beth, Mason, Amelia and Connor had an enjoyable and rewarding day when met and worked alongside one of the UK’s leading Roboteers Ian Bolwright who, designs and makes fighting robots for the BBC TV series Robot Wars.  Working in teams the children made a Kbot vehicle and then modified it to complete a number of different challenges:  Skittles, British Bulldog, The Bridge of Doom and Sumo battle.  In the process they learnt about the uses and problems with friction, how they could use gearing to increase speed or torque and how to apply leverage or weight distribution to get the best results.  At the end of the day the children took part in a competition to be Kbot champions.  Well done to Connor and Adam who were runners up in the challenge!