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Sage Trip

Year 4 had a super visit to The Sage on 25th February to listen to the Nothern Sinfonia playing some music by Beethoven. We learnt lots about his life, including why he threw the stew!

The brush-up team

We recently had a group of trainee dentists coming in to visit Year 4. This allowed us to consolidate our Science learning on healthy lifestyles. The class were split into different groups and looked at the methods of brushing our teeth, why it is important to go to the dentist and the impacts of a bad diet on your teeth. 


Year 4 had a whole day looking at the world as an adult. Firstly, they learned about the different features of an urban life. From here, they went on to create their very own city. We discussed what was important in an urban city - football stadiums seemed to take priority over a lot of things. Year 4 also looked at how to handle money as an adult - playing simulation games where they had to pay their own bills. 

In the afternoon, they looked at creating their very own product for the Christmas fair and pitched their products to the dragons! 

The Newcastle trip


For our topic in Autumn 1, we were looking at how the city of Newcastle differs from Bill Quay. For Geography, we closely analysed different aspects of life in the big city of Newcastle - the buildings, the economy and the land usage. For our trip, we went to the Black Gate where we learned all about old Newcastle and how the city was developed into what it is today.