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Fundraising and PTA


We have launched a school lottery to help fundraise for our school to benefit all of our  pupils. Tickets cost £1 to purchase and all proceeds go to our school. The draws take place on a Saturday evening at 8.00pm and there is a guaranteed winner every week from our school and also a chance also to win a £25,000 jackpot.  Winners will be notified by email. If you wish to enter the draw, please follow this link.  All tickets need to be purchased prior to 11.59pm on a Friday to be entered into Saturday’s draw.



Bill Quay Parent and Teacher Association (BQPTA) is just that - a group of school staff, parents and carers working together to benefit the children at Bill Quay Primary School.


The majority of the PTA’s work focuses on fundraising and providing opportunities for children, their families and the wider community to enjoy social events such as assemblies, Mothers Day lunch, sports day, fayres and hopefully many more new events in the future.  The PTA has already raised significant funds which have, amongst other things, helped pay for Android tablets for children to use in school and taken all children to a Christmas pantomime. 


BQPTA has a core committee - a group of dedicated organisers who set all the wheels in motion for the main fundraising events and activities.  We are, however, very keen to grow our membership, so please contact the school office for information on joining us.   If you cannot commit to meetings but can help in any way, it will be very much appreciated. There are lots of ways to help such as donating cakes, selling refreshments at events, sourcing raffle prizes and attending events when you can. BQPTA are always looking for new ideas too so if you are a budding fundraiser, bursting with fresh ideas, please let us know!



Get in touch

You can contact us at any time by chatting to us in the yard or at events, or by contacting the school office. Why not come along to our next meeting? We'd love to hear your ideas and how you can help us raise much needed funds for the children at our school.