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Home School Agreement

A reminder of our commitments


At Bill Quay Primary School, it is important that parents/carers, pupils and staff respect each others contributions and work together to achieve the highest possible outcomes for all pupils.


Why do we need a Home School Agreement?

  • It acts as a reminder of commitments.
  • It underpins the school’s ethos and values.
  • It acts as a clear starting point for new pupils, their parents and the school staff.
  • It provides a starting point for exploring difficulties.


You can view our home school agreement here.


Our Governing Body will carry out their legal responsibilities to the school and ensure that:

  • school policies provide care and safety for every pupil
  • the school strives to give the best education for every pupil
  • funding received by the school will be used efficiently to support learning
  • Governors will visit the school regularly and monitor standards in the school
  • Governors meet regularly to carry out their functions