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Our new Steering Group.

Key Stage 2 Sleepover

In assembly today, the steering group announced we are going to hold a 'sleep in' to raise money for Bill Quay Farm.  All children in Key stage two have been invited to attend a sleepover at school.  All children will be given a sponsor form to take home on Friday.

Save the farm ideas!!

In today's meeting we had many ideas about how we could raise money for the farm.....we decided on one idea! We can't wait to share it with you!!

Bill Quay Farm Poster Competition

Today the steering group delivered assembly to inform the rest of the school about Bill Quay Farm.  A poster competition was announced to help advertise the farm.  The steering group will also be helping out at the farm!

Steering Group Meeting


During our meeting today we were discussing Article 15 - The right to join a group.  We discussed the groups which the children were part of in school.  We thought about our Rights and what we could do to remind the rest of the children.  The Steering Group decided to create after school club membership cards.  Have a look at our design and see what you think!

During todays meeting we decided that we would like to help Bill Quay Farm.  We are very sad to hear it might be closing!

Reception Buddies

Today our steering group decided that Reception children needed to have more of a voice in school.  We have given every child a buddy.  The buddy photographs are displayed on their peg.  If the reception children have any problems they can talk about it with their buddy.

Steering Group Meeting


In today's meeting Miss Webb showed the members of the Steering group the current School policies.  The children decided that they were difficult to understand and they were too long.  The Steering Group discussed what they could do to improve them and then worked together to create child friendly versions.  These will be shown to governors during the next meeting and then given to children throughout the school.