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Parent Questionnaire Results

Parent Questionnaire Autumn Term 2019


Thank you to all parents and carers who took the time to complete our questionnaire. Your feedback is valuable to us in taking steps to improve both the provision for our pupils and relationships with parents. There were some lovely additional comments which highlight the hard work and commitment given by all staff. We will now discuss any constructive comments with staff and governors so that we can address any issues and move the school forward. Overall, the main concern for parents/carers was homework, with some parents wanting more of it; whilst others felt it was too much. This is always difficult for the school to address, as we recognise that it does depend on how much time parents/carers have to support their child at home. Our next step is to review the way spellings are set in key stage 1 classes.  75 questionnaires were completed and the results can be found on the attachment below.